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Dust To Dust



Produced By: The Movement Workshop Group

Directed By: Leslie Guyton

Choreographed By: Liza Hostetler-Ingalls

Costumes By: Megan Fraher

Performed at: The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center



The seccond show in the Movment Workshop Group's elemental series, Dust to Dust is a movement peice set in the 1930's inspired by the element of Earth.  The peice explores the unequal distribution of wealth in America, as it relates to healthcare, hope, and every persons individual sense of purpose and validity in our culture.  Lighting highlighted the vastly different cultures of rich and poor, contrasting the earthy tones of the working class with the sparkling mystique of a wealthy life.  Lighting very strongly, along with costumes, served to remind the audience of the peices roots in earth as well as tie the peices modern contexts to the 1930's.