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Produced By: Stoneham Theater - Young Company

Directed By: Caitlin Lowans

Scenic Design By:  Emily Nichols

Performed at:  The Stoneham Theater



Cats is the magical tale of the jellicle cats and their annual ball.  The cats creep into the dark deserted alley where it comes to life with song and dance.   Each cat sings a song telling their tale and finnaly one is selected to have the honor of going to heaven and be reborn.  As if triggered by motion sensors, as the cats arive and begin their ball, the lights shift and the alley becomes a place of shadowy movements amd magical song.  As the show goes on and the magical storytelling continues the lights ebb and flow with the mood showing how each cats unique personality has an effect on the world arround it.  Finnaly when the selection is made Grizabella ascends toward the bright lights of heaven to earn he place amoungst the honored, and with her passing the cats exit, and the alley reverts back to a mundane, dark, deserted alley, until the next jellicle ball.