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Moontides In 23,149 Parts



Produced By: The Movement Workshop Group

Directed By: Leslie Guyton

Sound Design By: Andy Chugg

Performed at: The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

Tour Locations: New York, NY and Philidephia, PA


Through modern dance, set to contemporary rock ballads,Moontides in 23,149 Parts tells the story of a woman who escapes her mundane life by falling into a dream.  The story is framed by The Professor, who is reading a book called Moontides in 23,149 Parts, as the professor begins reading we shift into the world of the dream, which takes the woman down into an underwater world, a place which mimics her own mind.  Down in these dark waters the woman rediscovers memories of a lost love who battled with addiction, and the two reconect in her mind as they each struggle, trapped, in their circular unsatisfying lives.  The woman is able to save her love from his cycle of addiction and in doing so reinvigorates her own desire to actively change her life.  In the end we are left with the notion that within every human being there lies infinate capacity for change.  The lighting for played a pivital role in taking the audience on a journey; from a starkly lit classroom down to the jewled tones of the sea, where thoughts glow like beacons of light carried by thought birds, and finally into the womans waking life where a sunrise encourages a new day and a fresh oportunity.