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Mary's Wedding



Produced By: Whistler In The Dark

Directed By: Megan Taintor

Scenic Design By: Emily Nichols

Performed at: Rehearsal Hall A at the Boston Center for the Arts


Mary's Wedding is the story of a young bride-to-be who dreams one last time of the love she lost to war. Mary and Charlie find each other seeking shelter in a barn from a summer thunderstorm, and a tentative love blossoms. But the year is 1914 and Canada is about to enter The Great War and send Charlie oceans away from his new love.  As Mary remembers the story the old barn morphs and changes, haybails become sandbags, thunder turns to morter shells and the boundries that seperate the home front from the battlefield begin to blur. Mary's Wedding is an exhilarating tale of first love, war, remembrance, and the sacrifice of soldiers made at home and on the battlefield.  The scenes transition smoothly blending times and places, characters, memories